ah.....Whatis to come?

February 7, 2010
By oakshire24 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
oakshire24 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
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ah….. What is to come?

ah….. What is to come?
What shall I bring to Challenge the resistance of Time?
as my Concoction of a thought based on Many emerges
a Thought which will Stain me for Eternity

What will Inspire me to make sure that Time will not exist between us
together an essence of life
writing and me?

it must be something heard of too much in the wrong way
or unheard of at all
then the Greed of Success may assist me
as it bubbles through my Soul and Mind
Infecting me

shall I speak of the stars in the sky
or the tick of a clock?
or is that too Common?
maybe I’ll write of my Future, my Past, or simply the Present Emotion within me
that will be Unique

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