Bloodly Red

February 7, 2010
My heart is crying
my tears are red
My arms scarlet red
with the cuts of my love

Its pain that i can feel
Its you that i want
Its you that says they love me
Its you that i cant stand
Its you that i need
Its you that i cant be without
Its you that i need to go away
Its you

But still i scream for you to go away
But then for you to stay
But can you?

can yo be with me?
Will the god and goddess exepted you?
I just dont understand?
How you can love me?
Im not like you?
Im always in pain.
I always i sceam.
I always see the bad things in people.

How How can you love me?
Im not wrothy to have you as my lover.
So why are you?

These tears i cry are bloodly red
my heart is starting to bleed
I scream to die
but i cant leave you

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