February 7, 2010
By Otaku.Paige BRONZE, Muskgeon, Michigan
Otaku.Paige BRONZE, Muskgeon, Michigan
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He was the boy my best friend always talked about.
I never really knew who he was or what was so great about him
Then, she she pointed him out to me when I went home with her
At that moment,
I knew why he was so special

He was alive
If that really explains it
He spoke to everyone as if they were equal
The sweetest guy in the world

I remember the first time he ever looked at me
They way he scanned me quickly then smiled
I could feel the heat in my face from the blush
He just chuckled at me

He called out to me when he sat bedhind us on the bus
I didn't know he was talking to me
Until my friend said
"He's talking to you!"

I turned a little to look at him
"I like your necklace." He said
My face warmed again
"Thanks..." I managaed to mumble

Months went by
We talked more; laughed more
He showed me new things

We shared chili too hot to eat
We shared the Breakfast Club on a small TV and Play Station
We shared phone numbers
And troubles
The last things we shared were a warm hug
A happy conversation
And a small
Those were the last things

A picture stared up at me from the Chronicle
Those familiar eyes
The familiar name
My heart seemed to stop beating
I didn't have anyone to share the pain with then
I didn't have anyone to share the tears with
But the ones I shared them with...
Were so many.

The day of the memorial everyone gathered at the park
So many people who shared the same hurt and loss as I did
We huddled together around the band shell
And prayed for his peaceful passing

The author's comments:
This poem is dedicated to the memory of Atom who passed after being struck by a car. We love him, miss him, and remember him.

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