Give Me

February 7, 2010
By Laura Feidelson BRONZE, Bedford, New York
Laura Feidelson BRONZE, Bedford, New York
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Give me the long trunks that look like skyscrapers
That seem to reach the sky
Give me the small, peaceful, beautiful body of water
Give me the tiny, cozy, houses where I sleep
Give me the loud, speedy, hull that glides me across the glistening water
Give me the dusty, brown, endless lane that can take me places
full of mysteries.

Give me the beautiful, white-headed birds that call to each other
Give me the different objects that descend from the trees that smell like fall
Give me the bed made of rope that sways me to sleep
Give me the long path of wood that takes me out to the lake
Give me the light and strong breezes that fly through my hair
Give me the small islands that I can walk to in the middle of the water
Give me the small boats that soar me across the lagoon on a windy day.

Give me the animals that roam the meadows in which I play.
Give me the endless field of green plants that tickles my feet above it.
Give me the water that slides past my body when I dive deep
Give me wild fruits that grow around the trees
Give me the striking colors that fill the sky in the morning and night
Give me the peaceful, calm, relaxed days
Give me my family and I will be in the place where I want to be.

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