The Crush

February 7, 2010
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He is my crush
His voice sounds so lyrical,
So magical, so musical
It can send addicting chills

He is my crush
How he can hold his own,
So steady and bold
He is full of courage

He is my crush
I can see through his mask
When he feels sad, I can see past the smile
I truly know my crush

He is my crush
The one, I would follow anywhere
Even into the ocean
The thought of his warm kisses in chilling waters makes me quiver

He is my crush
My soul is filled with devotion unto him
I want him as mine,
For he is, my undying crush

He is my crush
My absolute grandeur treasure
When he is near, I feel a crashing storm
I feel nothing about us clash

He is my crush
I wish to stare at him,
I desire him like a stranger
Desires to find the right street

He is my crush
He creates a glorious dawn to my dark day
He is the cause of my glorious happiness
He directs the singing chorus in my head

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