I Love you

February 7, 2010
I sit here wondering,
Wondering how to help.
Tears start to fall,
When nothing seems to work.

Why does it feel like,
Like, I'm going to loose you?
My heart starts to ache,
As I worry more about you.

You want me to help,
But not to worry.
I am getting more confused,
While I get more worried.

How can I do anything,
If you are ther and I'm here?
I know you don't want to be stupid,
but you say it is hard not to.

I wish I could,
Just hold you in my arms.
I would let you cry,
and say everything is alright.

But, you and I both know,
The bad things won't just go away.
We can always pray and hope,
But, it will take more than we got.

Hun, you know I love you,
And I hope you love me, too.
But, I need you to tell me,
What to do to help.

Just hold on tight,
And look in my eyes.
You know I won't ever leave you,
But will you leave me...forever?

We can make it through,
And some day you will stop cutting.
And I even bet,
You will be the prettiest happy girl ever.

You may say not to worry,
But you always know I will.
I don't do it to annoy you,
But because I love you.

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Mizfit4Life said...
Jun. 17, 2010 at 1:14 pm
Wow. thats really deep mandy
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