Let Me Be Free

February 7, 2010
Why does it seem that I am alone,
That no one is ever with me?
Why does it seem so dark,
Even when it is light outside?

Why can't anyone hear me,
Even when I'm yelling my lungs out?
Can't anyone hear me,
Can anyone hear my begs and pleas?

Why won't anyone help,
Can't they see I'm dying?
I need someone to see me,
To hear my shouts!

Can't anyone see the tears,
Tears that are streaking my face?
Why won't anyone open their eyes,
And see my desperation to be free?

What do I have to do,
To earn my freedom back?
I can't cry and beg no more,
I can't do anything anymore.

What will it take to get my freedom back,
Back from your clutching hands?
Please, I pray, let me be free,
That is all I want from you.

Why do you turn away,
And act like I'm not even here?
Please, look in my pleading eyes,
And let me speak!

I want to be free,
Break my tight shell!
Break it open and let me go,
Let me go and taste freedom!

I'm begging you,
I'm praying to God to let me be free.
Listen and open your eyes,
Look at my desperation!

Break away my shell,
And let me go!
So I can fly where I belong,
To my home in heaven.

Thank you for my freedom,
I pray out loud to God.
As I look back in my life,
All I saw was actually freedom itself....

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