Death's Ways

February 7, 2010
Sometimes when people are afraid,
They feel as if death is beside them.
They shut their eyes and try not to look,
But they know he will still be there.

They try to fool him,
And try to cheat death himself.
But those silly little people should know,
Everyone dies at their own time.

Some people speed their death up,
But only to realize that they made a mistake.
Some people try anything and everything,
To slow down their death.

No one knows when or how their death will be,
No one can predict it even if they are physic.
People can pretend that the don't know what death is,
And that they won't ever encounter him.

But everyone knows, even the stupidest,
Death is death, always and will be.
No matter how old, cute, smart, or popular you are,
Death will be coming for you.

Now don't get death wrong,
He gives you options every day of your pathetic life.
You can either follow them or just ignore them,
But make sure you make the right choice.

Don't say death is the devil,
But don't say he is a form of God neither.
Death is just as he says neutral,
Not evil yet not good neither.

So next time you see death's warnings,
Take them wisely into your hands.
Don't fool around and cheat him,
Because all that will result is a faster painful death.

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