Muddy Shoes

February 7, 2010
By xXxMandyxXx GOLD, Turner, Michigan
xXxMandyxXx GOLD, Turner, Michigan
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I look down at my muddy shoes,
Wondering why they can't move.
I pray to God to give me strength,
To help me run some where else.

All I could do was sit,
In the heavy beating rain.
Shaking and shivering,
Trying to get warm.

I hug myself tightly,
Because no one else could.
I try to force back the tears,
But all I could do was produce more.

I try to not think of anything else,
But to get up and run away from here.
All my muddy shoes would do was sit,
And get more damper as I get more colder.

I look around to seek shelter for me,
But nothing was suitable for my body.
Night came quickly to swallow the sun,
While thunder and lightening came crashing in.

More and more scared I got,
As my body and mind became weakened.
I kept repeating a prayer to God,
Hoping for him to listen to them and help.

Suddenly I felt as if my muddy shoes came control,
And started leading in the direction I came from.
All the way until I reached my bedroom door,
Then before my muddy shoes became frozen.

I stared at the golden handle,
Awaiting for my trembling wet hand to turn it.
Once I built up the strength to open my door,
I saw the biggest fright ever.

There before me and my teary eyes,
Was something I could not bear.
I tried to turn back but my shoes wouldn't let me,
All they did was walk toward my fear.

Slowly and steadily I came along with my shoes,
Closing my eyes and breathing deeply every time.
When I opened my eyes up to see where my fear was,
She was just siting there staring at my muddy shoes.

I looked at her in teary eyes,
Trying to fight my emotional battle.
Wanting to give her the biggest hug she ever had,
And tell her she was important like anyone else.

But as soon as I got closer I realized something,
How could have I been afraid of her?
When all she is was a little girl,
Just a sadden one with a unfortunate past.

All I could do was close my eyes,
And recite a prayer to the girl.
And when I opened them back up,
I realized I was staring at myself the whole time.

I touched the mirror and quickly looked away,
As if I was afraid of me seeing myself cry.
Then I realized all I had to do was pray,
And know that God will keep me safe and secure.

As I looked at my muddy shoes,
I felt a little childish and took them off.
Once I looked at the mirror again,
All I saw was the little girl in the muddy shoes...

The author's comments:
I was very insecure about myself when I wrote this.

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