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"A lie, a sin"

February 6, 2010
By Vampwriter93 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
Vampwriter93 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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i dont have one...i use so many and i get them from movies and tv shows

It's a sin to still love you,
but a lie to say I'm not still hurting inside.
I miss you but is it a sin to tell you that?
I know you miss me, but
is it a lie that you have moved on?
Is it a sin for you to tell me that you miss me?
My heart says it is
a sin to miss you but,
my brain says its a
lie to say you never
had a hold of my
So a lie or a sin;
what is it to you, that you can't tell me you still love me?

The author's comments:
The reason I wrote this piece of poetry was because my ex and I still have feelings for each other but we can not tell each other face to face.

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on Mar. 20 2010 at 4:15 pm
bamboom212 PLATINUM, Chestnut Ridge, New York
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"The truth with a bad intent, is worse than any lie you can ever invent."
"You are smarter than you think. You are stronger than you look. You are braver than you feel."

aww i luvv this.

very deep. keep writing!! :))