February 6, 2010
there once was a girl
named sally...

the beginning is always
the same

and one day she walked down
to the woods with her daddy...

the slight scent of beer
on his breath...
in my ear,
he tells me
this story

her daddy wanted to sit
on the log above the creek...

i listen

but sally was afraid
that the log would break
and she was scared
of all the bugs...

his breath
in my ear

but her daddy said
don’t worry, sally...

i remember

her daddy said
that the log wouldn’t break...
i know, daddy

and sally said
but what if it DOES break...

i smile

her daddy said
then i’ll catch you...

thank you, daddy

what about the bugs?
sally reminded him...

i’ve never liked bugs

they won’t hurt you
daddy told her...

sally asked...

i promise...

i promise.
i promise.
i promise.

there once was a girl
named sally…

that girl was me.

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