It Will Be Gone

February 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Guessing is all we are good for
And the evidence is not in our favor
Our wounds are now healed but still sore
Our memories are still that of our labor

Our causes were good! Our means just!
A rebellion for what all believed
Nobody had planned to oppose us
Yet still we are forced to our knees

We’ve walked for a while and now its getting harder
It’s all we can take to take more
Views of reality, as it slips farther and farther
Before long all we can see is the floor

Collapsed in a heap in the darkness
We know this time is all that we have
So we take it in remorse, we will rest
Close your eyes to block all that is bad

This is what they call our justice?
For what’s fair, don’t say we haven’t tried
Can no one find any good for us?
Grown too thick, we cant see through their lies

We spoke when the world wanted silence
We laughed when their lines had been drawn
We took what they got from their quiet
Hoping with us,

It will be gone

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