unleashed whispers.

February 6, 2010
By , Fairfax Station, VA
There comes a time
In everyone’s life
When people around you
People you love
Start doing things that you would

Your heart just stops
And you start to realize
That these people
You trusted them
With your whispers

You ask them
Will you tell anyone?
Of course the reply is
But floating around in their head
Is a possibility
A temptation
That they don’t want to resist
That they don’t resist

At times you want to just forgive
Try to forget
You want to let it go

Buts it’s harder than that
When it changes your entire perception of

Other times you want to just leave them
You walk away
Let them pick up their own pieces

You ask yourself
Maybe with tears
How could they do this?
Why would they do this?
Your reply is emptiness
The sound of your heart weeping
Fills up the silence

You wish there was something
You could do about it
But there isn’t

So you leave them to pick up their own pieces
And you don’t stay to watch

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