February 6, 2010
By Freakster BRONZE, Lynwood, California
Freakster BRONZE, Lynwood, California
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take it and run - me

you were too young
you were too kind
you were too close to my heart to leave so suddenly
you were too fun
you were too funny
you bring back so many memories
you helped my be softer
you taught me to always try to be happy
remember all the times we used to push you away?
but in the end we always wanted you back
i remember that intense love for
spider-man, batman, superman, fantastic four
and all those other action hero's out there you had
i remember you and Mayra always bickering
but deep down you still loved each other
most vividly though was seeing you on that bed.
just laying there.
a motionless figure.
from afternoon 'till midnight we stayed.
hoping for a miracle.
those dreadful hours haunt me
then the world stopped turning.
everything was still.
everything was quiet.
my dad began to speak to us
Us! seven, nine, ten, and eleven year olds
you were our cousin
you were seven
i couldn't contain myself any longer.
worst of all was Tia and Tio
they looked like zombies
Ceacer's face red as fire
Sherry and Crystal clinging to each other
while Selena, Mayra, and I comforted Hana
between our hurting sobs.
we still hurt when thinking of you
I will always Love you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was ten in 6th grade about mi primo Manny. He died on July 16, 2006. I was 9 in 5th grade. I have 1 or 2 more poems about him.
Fun Fact: My birthday is July 17.

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