On my own

February 5, 2010
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In this life we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt.
But are we really trusted or are we just running our mouths?
It's said that a picture's worth a thousand words and every man is worth his salt,
but in the eyes of the end all we can do is consult
with the therapists of our lives.
Friends, family, husbands, and wives.
By the end we have nothing inside.
It's all with the one in which we reside.
No pain, no love, no joy, no fear,
and no one left to shed a tear.
A soul abandoning an empty shell.
Left to wander in this lonely hell.
Until we find our one guiding light
and we are freed from our will to fight
That one person to help us think out loud.
The person that lets stand out in the crowd.
We bleed out loud and write in silence
Searching for our warming guidance
To make us honest, and worth our weight in gold.
Someone to have and to hold.
When that day comes I'll no longer be alone.
But until then, I'm on my own.

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