The leaf and the tree

February 5, 2010
By rachel9008 BRONZE, Lorton, Virginia
rachel9008 BRONZE, Lorton, Virginia
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"When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world."

It’s autumn and you change like the trees we race by;
and sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one falling.

It’s always the anticipation of hitting the ground that is the worst part.
Like falling in a dream, waiting to wake up.

But then you will breathe,
or the wind will blow,
and my vulnerable structure is caught in an updraft.

It’s so much clearer from high above;
where I can transcend these clawing emotions,
this unnecessary stuff,
those superfluous things on the ground.

Take me to where I want to be;
to cool air and warm skin.
Take me to you.

You know, it’s so unfortunate that what goes up must come down.
Because now I will float back down onto unforgiving ether
and become one with it,
cycling back through the earth until
our new season begins and
I unfold for you again.

It’s all cyclical don’t you see?
You and me,
the leaf and the tree.

It’s autumn again and you change like the trees we race by;
and sometimes I wonder if I am the only one falling…

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