What I really learn at school

February 5, 2010
First Period.I'm supposed to read or do work.hah.With my mind a million things are always going through my head and its hard to get completely absorbed into a book. But I'm unnaturally fantastic at faking it. You know when you half read,half listen to everone talking, then you loose yourself in your own thoughts? I hear the most interesting things. I tilt my head to the right. "-then i started running around in my underwear and I was like where is everyone?!", *laughter* "Mann, you have the weirdest dreams". I think about doing my assignment, but I figure I'll do it at home.*Bell rings*
Second Period.Computers, spreadsheet work, your given an hour to finish and I get done in 5 minutes. What to do when my teacher moves all my friends away from me and I'm stuck by the weird asain and the annoying stupid smart kid? I listen to people talk about the basketball try outs and the wrestling turn out. I hear what so-and-so's brother's friend did last weekend, and type a letter to one my friends and figure she'll never read all of it, but print it anyway. I think and realize how easy it is to think about homework, to a math problem, to the formula on the spreadsheet, to the money,to the economy,to politics,to God.*Bell rings*
Third period. I sit down and finish the pointless worksheets we have and I talk about soccer and how horrible I did the periodic table but my teacher won't care cuz I already have an "A" in the class anyway. I doodle on the letter I printed in computers and try to sleep. They talk about how easy the final was and how our friend is still sick and probably has the flu or he got ran over by a train(?)*Bell rings*
Fourth Period.I learn what f(x) is at the same time I learn that the weird old guy with the bread dumps about three bags of it in the field to feed the seagulls that poop everywhere on campus. I also learn that if you talk to your paper about your day the person next to you talks to their paper in response to what you said and the teacher never notice.*Bell rings*
Fifth Period. We have this on going game of tag and if your it by the end of the period one side of the class laughs at you.My teacher hates us, I swear. But we pretend to listen to her long lectures about how if you were a loyalist you were kicked out of america and that's mainly how Canada was formed,and how it bugs her how people have their elbows on the desks and lean into their hand when she talks.Everyone sits up straight.Christina's it.*Bell rings*
Sixth Period. Yearbook, I get to chill and look over the pages. I walk between the classroom and the computer lab constantly and occasionally do the worm when the teacher isn't there.I mostly talk to my friends about the hole that my friend kicked in the classroom or how confusing the yearbook program is.I laugh and wait for the clock the turn 2:15.I get bored and say stupid puns or think of short poems.My friend doodles the ying and yang sign.we wait.*Bell rings*
That's what I really learn in school.

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