This Planet

February 5, 2010
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And the light shines down upon us
Like a small star hoping it will not die
Knowing in minds eye, the night may never end

Although the sun may rise barely over the horizon
It will never reach the heights of noon

As darkness spreads across the land
Shadows fill every once blossoming corner
For the beautiful greens will shrivel without the light of day

Blue ocean tides sink back and turn gray
Never once again sparkling before the sunset
Turning into seas of sorrow and dams of despair

Still, the planet orbits around the sun
But no piercing light will reach it

Slowly it spins away from the center
Before the sin dies like the other hope filled stars
Slipping away from its existence
What makes its life, its own

Put a person in place of this planet
Filled with pity, dread and dark
Sad, sorrow, and searching… but for what?
A small glimmer of hope, that light of day?
Imagine what would happen to this beautiful person
If their own world slipped away

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