February 5, 2010
I once knew a girl named Silvia,
What a quiet and dainty little girl she was.

She always wore her blonde hair down,
With a glittery bobby pin,
Which kept her hair out of her face.

Always attended school,
Even winning the perfect attendance award
from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Whenever she walked into the room,
I couldn’t help but smile,
Because her smile was just contagious.

She always laughed.
She always joked.

She was just that type of person.
The kind people love to be around.

But then,
Things changed.

She dyed that beautiful blond hair
into a smoldering brown,
between the mix of mud
and chocolate.

She threw out
the bobby pins
she always wore
and let her hair cover
those beautiful, delicate features.

She stopped coming to school,
Always getting into trouble.

I love her.
She was amazing.
I still love her today.
Even though she isn’t the same person… not as happy.

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