After I Died

February 5, 2010
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I told you I love you
you handed me a knife
I said I want you in my heart
You stabbed the knife through my chest
My heart is in two you can not redo;
The dreadful deed you have done.

I thought we were soul mates,
Bound together forever,
But I guess my heart was wrong; I was wrong.

I may see you around, may not, but whatever happens,
I just wanted you to know that I don't hate you for this; i'm disappointed in you.

But now I cant tell you how I feel;
I guess im in a better place now; no hurt, no sorrow, no pain.
I could be your guardian angel;
I see how much you hurt inside, but you keep it bundled up.
The things you are doing will not help but hurt you;
and potentially the ones around you also.
I feel sorry for what you have done,
but theres only one thing i can really say about this,
Only two words that can sum up this whole misconvienence;

Good Bye.

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