All I Ever Want

February 3, 2010
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You pull me close then you turn away.
What will it take to make you stay?
Sometimes you make me laugh.
Most nights when I lay awake, the thought of you makes me cry..
I really hate it when you leave without saying goodbye.
You make me angry when you turn your back.
When will you notice that I am the thing you lack?
I want to tell you how you make me feel…
I want to know what will happen when you fade away, if I can ever deal.
I want you to take my heart and place it next to yours.
I want to open all of the closed doors.
I want to see you lying next to me.
I want to feel the heat of your body.
I want to be in the safety of your arms.
I want my cheek to be pressed against your palms.
I want to taste your soft lips on mine.
I want everything to be so much better than fine.
I want to rest my head on your chest.
I want you to know you can be the best.
I want you to sing me softly to sleep.
I want you to wake me with a kiss on my cheek.
I want to stare into your brown eyes forever.
I want us to always be together.
I want you to notice me more than anyone else.
I want you to love me for myself.
I want you to know the reasons why I can’t get enough of you.
I want to tell you everything about me that you never knew.
I want you to be there to catch me when I fall.
I want you to call me beautiful.
I want you to hold my hand.
I want to kiss you while the sun sets and we sit in the sand.
I want you to say sweet things to me even if they are way cliché.
I want you to sleep next to me and I want you to always stay.
I want you to love me without a hint of regret.
I want you to dry my eyes when they’re wet.
I want you to feel the way I feel..
I want you to know we can make this be real.
I want to let go of all my scars.
I want you to fall hard..
I want you to fall hard in love.
Not just love with anyone.
I NEED you to fall in love with ME..

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