Nameless Savior

February 3, 2010
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Oh be there a savior?
When all hope dies and blood is spilt,
When power fails and sad tears fall,
Shant there be a savior?
A beautiful angel fallen from above.
A vicious warrior fighting for country.

A child whose parents watch helplessly from the sidelines.
This is your savior. He is a man.
A man with a life and a family,
Trained to fight and kill and protect the world.

Oh be there a savior?
A savior for this savior whose life should be lost?
Lost in battle. Lost in war.

Lost among countless casualties.

Nameless, forevermore.
Nameless to the men, women, and children that he fought and died to protect.
Nameless to the world he saved in death.

Oh be there a savior?
When sadness overwhelms and darkness triumphs?
When names of the past, carved in stone, crumble?

Nameless, nameless, nameless,

Thy savior be nameless, forevermore.

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