February 3, 2010
We are believers
Tied up by chains
We walk in inches
We walk in faith.
Pushing up against the wind
Our feet sink into sand
The clouds beat us
with darkness,
And their demonic chants,
We stumble left and right
But never do we fall
The thunder yells out orders
Piercing through our ears
But we turn them off to voices
Turn them on to whose glory is near.
The lightening strikes our backs
Leaving scars and blood that flows
We are surrounded by evil and shame
Still we lift our voice in praise.
We are believers
Carrying pain,
Staring into the moonless night.
The violent water shakes us
the salt it carries burns us
But our faith is strong and brave
And his name will rise with grace.
I see the believers,
They sway left and right
I know the one they hold on to
So close, so tight
I see there is no day
And no moon to light up night
I see the believers
I see how much they fight
They will not be defeated
They will not be destroyed
Their enemies diminish
Cut off by the throat
Their chains will be broken
They will not sink in the sand
But walk above the water
And praise the great I Am
Their faith is strong and brave
Their prayers are heard beyond
They reach the Savior
The risen one
We know He’ll reach us
We know
We know
We are believers
Carrying pain
But today we have seen that
He took that away.
Today we have seen
He’s redeeming grace

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