Biting My Tongue.

February 3, 2010
By *Stupid;Lamb. BRONZE, Immokalee, Florida
*Stupid;Lamb. BRONZE, Immokalee, Florida
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It's too fast, slow down! They whisper in my ear
Don't lose control already, learn how to steer
You barely know him, be patient, this is not real
But I tell them they're crazy, don't tell me how to feel

You captivate my every thought, you won't leave my head
I smile inside when I replay all the words you've said
I may be gullible, but I believe they weren't lies that you fed
I just need one day with you where I lay in your arms in bed

I'd stare into those dark brown eyes, caress your cheeks so slow
Tell you things you'd never guess because I'm scared for you to know
That I love you already and I never want to let you go
But they say it's moving all to fast, so I can not tell you so

Promise, I'll be the girl to heal all the wounds that stung
The one that gives you breath when you can't feel air in your lungs
I know it sounds ridiculous, I'm crazy for you oh so young
Until I can say those 3 words to you, I'll be biting my tongue

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