to matti my brother at heart

February 3, 2010
By audie_potty_1993 SILVER, Bethel, Ohio
audie_potty_1993 SILVER, Bethel, Ohio
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You've been there for me
Through it all
You're always there to catch me
When I start to take a fall.

If I do something bad
You'll take the blame
And for all of that
I am feeling shame.

I never did tell you
All the things I felt
Like how I really love you
And in my heart you'll dwell.

You protected me from the world
That left the bruises on your face
All the tears and scrapes
I wish I could erase.

When my life fell apart
You patched things up
You took care of my heart
When times got rough.

With just the warmth of your touch
You saved me from the world
You loved me so much
But my love for you was not said.

If you knew what I knew
Maybe you'd stay home
If you heard what I didn't say
Maybe I wouldn't be alone.

If you could see the part of me I hid away
Maybe you could see
How much I want you to stay
Here at home with me.

You may think I don't care
Because I never show it
But I'll always be here
And I hope you know it.

Wish we could go back
We can start over again
I don't want to be alone
I need brother I need a friend.

If you think of me
While you're protecting the country
Think of how much you mean to me
And how proud I am of you, Matti.

Remember I will be here
When you're at the battle field
I'll be here for you
As you're love shield.

Do not leave this world
While you're over seas
Do not leave this little girl
Do not leave me.

If you do have to go
Before I say goodbye
Remember I love you so
As you begin to fly.

Remember I will be here
Through and through
Remember I will always care
Just as much as you do.

You've done so much for me
And yet I not for you
I hope you will forgive me
For all the things I didn't do.

The author's comments:
this piece i have written is about a friend of mine who once upon at time was more than a friend to me he was my brother, i had always known that he liked me more than that but i never told him, i am very proud of his deeds as an American Soldier and we both know how we feel about the other but we are brother sister material and now i hold this to his honor

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