Good Bye

February 3, 2010
[And] as the words leave your lips,
I find myself unable to breathe.
Reality comes crashing down on me;
I want so badly, to go back in time.
I stand here, holding on to you.
Those two words cut me deep;
What I’ll do next, I haven’t a clue.
All I need is for this pain to end.

Time stops suddenly, it’s just you and I;
Gazing up into your regretful eyes,
I can see your soul; it’s calling out to me.
I begin to lose myself, piece by piece.
My legs come out from underneath me;
I’ve lost all sense of who I am.

You caught me, one last time,
Before you let me fall apart on my own.
This heart, it only beats for you.
These hands, they were meant to hold you.
These lips call for you, long for you.
Maybe, one day, this body will be whole again.

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