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February 3, 2010
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None be as blind as those who do not care
To see. Shut my eyes to the reality
Without recollection or reflection; no time to revel or
Stop and reserve for you roses not yet In Bloom. Roaming ramped across the
Fray; through the fire and rain I trek in search
of the deeply dangerous
Road rooted in our past.
Renegades tear across my mind, leaving tired trails
Of tire tracks that stain the glass of my glowing eyes.

I found the treasure in my pocket; plucking, picking
Apart the stitches of shame latched to my attire for so long.
Unrelenting, unforgiving words of the wayward worldly
Man racked up a rampage within my soul. He didn’t make much sense.
Inflicted a willful wreck; had an accident before even meeting the driver's
Side of the wheel. Bested by the suicidal beast before even his
Bare beginnings could take shape.

None be as blind as those who do not care to see- the happenstance sketches of
Our here’s and there’s depict a thousand reasons to forget the gun.
Foolish be the blindfolded who
Mistake false security for the safe harbor; Nirvana should never be searched for at the end of a numbing bullet. And he apologized
For having all the right things, with battered hands and calluses caressing the
Strings of sorrow just before the end.

The only, yet hardly forgivable mistake he made was
forsaking the chance to fervently live.

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kurtseyes_soblue said...
May 20, 2010 at 8:10 pm
This is a really good poem. I enjoyed reading it. Good job writing, it was very touching. R.I.P. Kurt, forever.
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