The Hourglass

February 3, 2010
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False starts, failed attempts
at love. Kisses on my lips
that don't seep through, remain
surfaced, without reason without
rhyme I find myself losing the. rhythm.
Stop. This isn't like those times. This isn't just
rambling of a voice that searches for inspiration. This
part is found. The soul speaks in ways unrealized, like
the involuntary operations of
the mind. Sneaking up on unsuspecting people, they catch
the amazement only sometimes. Only sometimes do I
truly feel the earth move under my feet, only sometimes do I
recede back into the past and see the
tapestry of life in full glory, only sometimes do I make the
most of a possible last day.

The next sunrise isn't guaranteed for anyone. Rapidly send telegrams
of love and forgiveness. the hourglass. It shows no mercy, only
remnants of the choices we make.

And yet there's time to live truthfully with one other.
over and over again.
over and over again.

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