My Favorite?

February 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Your face imprinted in my mind.
I only wish wounds would heal with time.
The world gray and peace hard to find,
I fail to feel like "me" again.

(Your nature may be volatile,
but who's to say I'm any different?
Cut from the same cloth.
I feel ashamed of our weaknesses.)

Not through my own volition has it come to an end,
and it fills me with regret.
Everyday my hopes start to descend,
as I replay their words in my head.

I quiver because my heart is cold.
I am gruesomely alone.
After all our secrets have been told,
my desire is to start over.

Lulled by a smile, by charm;
blinded by my naivety,
I believed you'd cause me no harm.
Your promises: easily broken.

You were artfully woven into my life,
and ripped from it with savagery.
Your voice, your smile, your heart: my only vice.
But everything surrounding me forced me to let you go.

Yet one feeling consumes me:
I loved you then and I love you now.
Perhaps this contrite goodbye is temporary.
That is my wish, to that I can avow.

Goodbye for now, goodbye forever?
I'll wait for the answer.
The world can't stay gray forever.....

The author's comments:
Love/Heartbreak inspired me

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