on a wave

February 3, 2010
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i lie on my neon colored towel over the soft, grainy sand quiet and content, i listen to the whisper and splash of the waves the sun is floating above its rays warming the curves of my back the wind pushes and drifts through my hair and its soft breath tickles my ear the heat is rising and i stretch and pad across the sand to the ever playful line of water i tentively step into the light blue and grin to the sky as i slip into the warm water, slowly rising to my neck i dive down into the underwater world and begin to explore the foriegn rainbow below me a streak of blue flashes in front of my face and i spin around trying to find the little sea creature that found its way into my vision i'm surprised to find a clique of little blue and yellow fish darting between my ankles and chasing each other in tiny circles im losing my breath as i kick to the surface of this alien world i break the surface gasping for the sweet and cool air i so desperately was in need of the sun is setting lighting the sky one last time with its amber fire streaks of lavender and magenta race through the sky chasing the last of the daylight i swim gently to the shore where i slink to my blanket becoming cool with the mischevious nip in the air i fold my legs beneath me and sit down watching the last of my day slip away into the new night

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