Election of War

February 2, 2010
By girl_gone_green BRONZE, Mt. Pleasant, Texas
girl_gone_green BRONZE, Mt. Pleasant, Texas
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You're the author of your own life story.

Profound men sitting on the red, white, and blue
Pulsating laws and policies
They dissemble themselves
Spreading conformity like a plague.

Loyalty, union, love?
Betrayal, separation, gluttony.
The few, the proud,
The vexing.

Sweat blurs vision
Continuity, a handgun
Bombs of argumentative gasconade
Grenades of perplexing freedom
Distinct only when convenient.

Cross-pollination of liars and prostitutes
Preaching to a congregation grown sick of “God”

Sufficient spotlights on a regretful stare
Mournful, sadistic, and callous in one room
A whisper, the hint of supposition.

Like a hare amidst lions.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem as an assignment from my teacher. We had vocabulary and she wanted us to use them in a poem, free style.

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