Mother To World

February 2, 2010
Yesterday, my life changed.
I let go of a vow,
Not taken by force;
It was brought about by change.
Some may even say,
That I brought shame to my name
I do not

Yesterday, I had fell head first
Into a state of oblivion;
Earth shattering bliss.
But the world came crashing back down
Full force,
I was undisturbed

Yesterday, I took a small hand in mine.
In that moment
I had lost all track of time.
I became spiritually bonded with
Mother Nature.

Yesterday, a new responsibility
I carried on my shoulders
I liked it
I felt the need to set aside
So much of myself
I was no longer my own

Yesterday, for the very first time
Every breath I took was not alone
Every step I made he would come along
I had a purpose

Yesterday, I had become a part
Of a society of women
Something I hoped to be
Wanted to be
What I had desired to be

Yesterday, before the stars
Began to dominate the midnight sky
At the moment when
Dusk kissed the tip of the Earth
I gave birth
To my child

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