Tall Grass and Wild Flowers

February 2, 2010
By hsdancer123 BRONZE, Atkinson, New Hampshire
hsdancer123 BRONZE, Atkinson, New Hampshire
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Wind in her hair
Spinning round and round
Her dress waves and wiggles around her tiny waist
The long grass tickles her ankles
A giggle escapes as she falls to the ground

The wild flowers and weeds are her safety net
Her hide out
Her only home
Where she can feel the earth breathe beneath her
Remind her that she’s alive

The nightmare of the swift hand stinging her check
The ach in her stomach
as the rusted red pick-up truck rattles up the road
And the faint memories of her mom taken by him, never to return
Are lost as she floats across the leaves and over the trees
Enjoying herself for one moment

Her love for that field is unexplainable
Laying there for hours upon hours
Her mind wanders and her heart hopes
For that field is her home
Her heart is scattered in that tall grass and wild flowers
And home is where your heart is

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