February 2, 2010
Anyone can live
But she does it differently
Carefully watching her every move
Driving herself away from freedom
Every step is thought out
Figuring it out before it happens
Gathering facts instead of living
Holding herself back
Inching away from childhood without truly living a single second
Keeping to what she knows
Loathing to live like them
Maybe a tear will fall but no one can ever see
Nothing will let her show weakness
Opting for loneness
Protecting herself from getting hurt
Question is, is she already hurt?
Reaching out for help is not an option
Showing emotion is too hard
Teaching herself to keep it in is
Unusually easy
Vigorously trying to change
Wanting it so badly
X-cept she can’t
You don’t know her and she doesn’t know herself
Zillions of lies, secrets, and fears hide her from everyone

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