Gotta Save Myself

February 2, 2010
By , new york city, NY
All these promises of happiness were being put into my head, but the truth is inside its too late im already dead, the knife has gone too deep and now i still feel it there even though now its just a scar god whyy wont it dissapear now itz becoming all to clear with my face full of tears why is dis happening to me, i hav to flee, i gotta save myself from my own destruction, i must take action, i gotta be tough, and take this mask off, which is hiding the real person locked away inside, do that or die, but i wont give this gift up so easily, doesnt matter how badly or lonely it gets even if it ends brutally i gotta remember not to give up so easily i gotta remind myself this fact daily, right now im jus searching for a reason to keep movin on,damn still nothing im tired of it almost close to done, ill try to keep goin keep my head up high ill stay strong im still standing, but itz still not over i lost the fight but not the war this is only the beginning

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