February 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Your one of my best friends
But you took it the wrong way
Why can’t you just shut up
Even just for a day

You said I’m skinny
And I’m pretty
Then that second goes by
So I’m ugly
And fat
You just want me to die

Do you think this is fun
To talk about me
Whispering in their ear
Don’t you think thats a little too obvious my dear
When your right beside me

The giggling is stupid
I thought you were my friend
What’s the point of whispering
Behind your hand

Finally you call
Saying “I’m sorry”
but i know it’s not true
Because i know this is not you

So you think I’m not that smart
To know your just fooling me
And you have been ever since you knew me.

The author's comments:
This is actually about two of my friends. One named Emily and one named Jewel. Emily could do the slightest thing wrong or do nothing at all and Jewel will start calling her names. But before she ever gets mad at Emily she would always complement her and call her pretty and skinny but if anything goes wrong she would then turn her back on Emily and call her fat, and ugly, and that she wish she'd never met her. So tell me what you think about this piece....

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