Over You

February 1, 2010
By , Neenah, WI
Baby boy you used me
loved me and abused me
best friends forever
f*** that idea
i can forgive that
your mistakes and lies
and the way you made me cry
but now you want her
my sister my love my life
and just by the way
you look at her
i know history
is gonna repeat itself
you're gonna hurt her
break her heart
show her the world
then crush it
i am strong
can get up and brush myself off
move on without you
and live happily ever after
but what if she can't?
what you gonna do then?
when you're stuck
in the same old situation again
what are you gonna do
when she can't live with out you?
You gonna run back to hell?
Cry inside yourself?
cut her clean open?
or pull your usual s***?
well hear me now
you have one less option
you break her heart
i'll make you die
with every lonely day that goes by
oh wait
make the negative options two
cuz baby i'm done with you
don't come crying to me
i'm done with your shit
done with your lies
now its your turn to cry
so let me sing you
one last lullaby
i scream at the top of my lungs
baby look at what you've done
took my heart
just to run
now tell me little boy
did you have fun?
Did you enjoy
taking what you wanted
i hope you did
because kid
you no longer got it
and don't tell the world
that you miss me
cause baby your the one
who took the eraser
and diminished your
pretty face
from this oh so pretty picture
I say goodnight
wave goodbye
cover the coffin
of a blood sucking demon
you made me strong
now i'm making myself
strong with out you
your useless
cold and heart less
a desperate user
and now you wanna abuse her?
like shes some kind a drug
what you gonna do smoke her in
well baby let me tell you
i know a thing or two about that s***
and eventually
you gotta exhale
you mean nothing to me
so i can say this with out regret
and baby don't take this
as any kind of threat
your addicted to your own toxin
can't live with out a women
at your side
even if you're the one to say goodbye
you're a pathetic
excuse for a man
so honey live while you can
you made me strong
here i am
stronger then you
the student surpasses the fool
good bye hun
i'm better off with out you

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