Science Fiction

February 1, 2010
By ebee123 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
ebee123 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
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I am of the fourth kind
Extra terrestrial in my mechanical
State of being
I observe the earthlings
Through the grains of my TV screen
They don’t squirm under my glare
Under that dome they call sky
Caught up in that circle
They call life
They don’t sense that
I’m there
Ironic, isn’t it
That they imagine my ship
As a swirling hunk of metal
When its they who spin like tops
Memorizing their paths
So they won’t cross
Like meteorites, they glide
Ignite every time they collide
Like unidentified objects
Of solitude and half lives
They fear my supposed powers
But I wouldn’t experiment or read Their minds
When there is a predetermined extinction
Of what you call mankind
You fear me and my science
Laser guns and spheres that fly
When you’ve already made bombs of Mass destruction
Set in stone your own demise
I’ve skipped the invasion
I have already come with my peace
And I have a great view up here
With the insight of advanced Species
I’ll watch your spinning planet

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