"A Collection of Heartbreaks"

February 1, 2010
He’s going to date
A million and one girls,
All beautiful,
All smart and funny and nice
And every time he’s going to think,
Ok, she’s the one

But they never will be
And soon, he will find her flaws

And send her on her way
No girl will ever be enough
Never finding the one
Comparing them to standards
That he doesn’t even understand himself

But I do

I’ve been doing the same thing my whole life
Waiting around for someone to be perfect
To live up to my fairy tale dreams,
A prince to ride me off into the sunset
But I found out the hard way
That the perfect guy for me
Was never perfect
Is a jerk and broke my heart

(Was him all along)

And so I will wait
Days, months, years
Waiting for the day
When he will wake up and figure out
It was me all along
That none of those girls
Would ever work
Cause none of them were me

And maybe it will be too late
And maybe I’ll have moved on
And maybe he will be able to understand
At least a little bit
Of the pain he gave to me
Waiting around for someone
Who doesn’t even care

But when
And only when,
I have finally healed
And he’s just started bleeding
When every girl that walks by
Wears my face
That’s when he’ll realize
Just how much we were

And just how much he gave up

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