The World as I Know it

February 1, 2010
By Katerinas SILVER, Brunswick, Maryland
Katerinas SILVER, Brunswick, Maryland
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If it works, it works.

The world may twist and turn and wrench in violent upheavals,
but I will always stand firmly upon it and so will my ideals.

You may pick and choose and steal away whenever things go wrong,
but I will weather through the worst and still be standing strong.

Even when the wind will blow and steal all the leaves,
I will wander on and on, through and through bare trees.

The lowly sparrows will flit and play, until a big crow sends them away,
but there’ll always be room in my mind to contemplate their days.

There’s nowhere I won’t walk, and nothing I won’t try,
and nothing I won’t contemplate till the river runs dry.

As the each day flies away, in the countdown to the end,
we realize that we don’t last, but relax; we’ve still some time to spend.

And when the trees are dead and gone, never to regrow,
I will stand upon the earth and laugh ‘ha I told you so!’

The author's comments:
This was meant to be a free form, i honestly didn't try to make it ryme, it just did.

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