February 1, 2010
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Stop forcing me
Stop making me live your dreams
When you were afraid to chase yours
I love to write
Not take pictures in pretty size zero dresses.
I’m a healthy size
Stop trying to make me a skinny Minnie
That’s not who I am
I eat healthily and no I will not starve myself
To fulfil your dreams
I have days where I stay up and watch late movies
Who gives a damn about beauty sleep?
I like to wear sneakers
Not prance around in heels.
I eat a whole meal rather than a salad
So maybe I’m not ladylike
I’m not girly
I’m more of a tomboy I’m sorry mother but please understand
I will not look silly wearing a whole lot of makeup on my face so that if someone slapped me or even touched my face the foundation would be all over their hand I’m natural so open your eyes
And quite peer pressuring me already!
Please just stop trying to turn you into me.

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A_Dreamer said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 2:32 pm
I like this one.
So many people are obsessed with looks, I'm glad you don't care about the outside as much as the inside.
You did a good job writing this. :)
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