Ready to Run

February 1, 2010
By Anonymous

The runner ties
Up his bright green
Tennis shoes.
They are well worn,
But still are holding
Together like the were brand new.

The track is covered
In tar.
Making the runners
afraid to fall....
Making them want to keep
Running till their feet fall off.

The runners are called
To their own personal
of finishing the
Race first.

Whoever wins.
There is no prize.
But being able to
have the encouragement
of winning there first race.

The Runners.
In the position,
Ready to take off.
The empire is repeating
Their names....
Over and Over

Just adding to the tension.

All runners,
There stomachs
Flipping and flopping.
All of them,
Are just itching to run.

Finally, they here the
three fateful words.




The gun fires,
The runners take off.
Only one winner.

The runner,
in the bright green shoe.
So close.
The ribbon is just ahead.

The ribbon snaps under
his stomach.
His thoughts.
Filled with victory.

He won.
He finally won.

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