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Pt. 2: Delirium

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Nothing is working.
It's all breaking down, everything I've struggled for!
My work is torn apart;
I tried.
I tried!
The fools have damned themselves,
gone mad against each other.
It wasn't the destruction of buildings that was the apocolypse;
it was the destruction of our humanity.
I saw the clock; when it struck midnight, delirium spread like a viral plague.
I saw it, I heard it! It's death chime never ceases!
I took what was given to me; was told it would help,
but the chimes still continue!
Never take them again...
Everyone else has collapsed into insanity.
The clock bell pealed and wrath descended unto all the psychopaths and madmen, leaving them less than the worst, meanest beast.
I stay above the rest,
trying to keep composure,
remain rational,
but the clock, the clock!
It speaks to me, tells me to fall into chaos!
The clock screams inside my head, chimes for me to follow the rest of humanity
into the dark, never ending night.
The clock won't cease it's death knell, ringing black in my ears, echoing inside my skull.
Please God stop the incessant chatter!
Sometimes, it makes sense though.
The clock said when you enter the pitch black, nothing matters because you can't see anything.
Oh, how lovely it sounds in the pitch black!
I won't let it come to that, can't let it come to that...
Just have to block it out.
I will stay strong,
a torch-bearer of what makes us human,
a beacon in the evil dark.
I stand tall so that people may see what they've become.
I refuse to let everything
fade into delirium.

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absbia777 said...
Feb. 18, 2010 at 2:40 pm
I really like this poem though I think the third part is best. And will you stop bugging me since I commented?
Shane0_0 said...
Feb. 15, 2010 at 10:22 pm
Anyone who reads Delirium feel free to comment
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