My bruised love

January 31, 2010
By Anonymous

A Midnight thirst sent me padding to the kitchen for a jelly-jar of water and an accidental run in with my mom. She tiptoed in,late and limping,her cheek raw as red-brown meat.I cought a quick glance in the chilly glow of the refridgerator befor she had a chance to hide the latest souviner her boyfriend gave her."I bruise easily."is one of the lies she sprinkles like sugar. but i'm 13,not brainless besides,I knew the truth at age 10."He'll never do it again" she swears.But he will,because she'll let him.What?Now me?I've got no use for lame excuses or imatation love that packs a punch.

The author's comments:
Yes,my mother used to be in this situation. but thank God shes better now and INDEPENDENT!

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