Monsters in the Daylight

January 31, 2010
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Just embrace
my harmonious reverie.
If only I could stay
in this world
where the edges of my soul
are never chiseled
and the decrepit dregs of despair
vanish like a little child
pops a bubble
with a sugary,
smiling face.
You see that up there?
Her sing-song voice is gentle
contrasting with the
surrounding corruption
and collective disapproval.
That is nonsense.
I don’t see a thing.
The hot air balloon
looks far away now.
Perhaps because
it is in the delicate realms
of tranquility
which cannot be seen
by those who exploit and degrade.
They say that devious monsters
only exist in dreams.
Never in the real world
where reality is without
an odious scent or
a raging trouble.
They say the real world
is a full of chance
and love.
Maybe that is all true.
But not where I stand.
I take one last look around
This unfamiliar land
where even I,
one who has been ostracized
from actuality,
am excepted and beloved
for my fictitious truths.
The blaring, beeping
alarm blasts and fills
my head
with its mind numbing screech.
It yells at me to forget everything
I once knew.
It reminds me of reality.
Forget ideality.
Time to slay all fiery dragons,
draw my sword against monsters,
and dare to destroy villains.
That which never exists
in the serenity
and stillness of my dreams.

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