Runaway Things

January 31, 2010
A flash of something not grasped

A road not taken
An unpursued idea
Where do they all go?
Somewhere ever the rainbow
To the place
For undreamt dreams
Where would we pull
That desired word from?
If we could
The one that sits on the tips of our tongues
And clings there
To our despair
Where are those best ideas
That slip out of our mind
Before we can catch them
And never return
Miles and miles away
But yet

I wonder
Where all those little dazed looks
After they are interrupted
By real life
Where do they run to
Before they can be chased
Where do all the little details
More and more unnoticed
It seems
As we go on?
The wish that we could grab these
Runaway things
Is captured in the glare of
Plastic dreams
That break too easily
And take all of our
Runaway things

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