January 31, 2010
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Why do you talk about me-'cause I'm not the color you want to see?
Because I'm not light-cause im not white?
because my ancestors were slaves or because when my ancestors died they were not put in proper graves? Because of society today? Because of your evil malicious ways? Why do you say "nigger", "monkey",or "slave", when black people misbehave? Why do the ku klux klan kill our race thinking were the disgrace? Why do your race hold unncessary grudges? or why do you lie on us to judges? why do you discrimanate cause our race is doing good? why do you automatically assume we live in the hood? why did you kill martin luther king for fighting for our rights?why did you kill regurlar people cause their skin is the color of night? Why did you bomb those four little girls just because their skin color was not like yours? Why did you make separate drinking foatains and wrote "colored" on our bathroom doors? why? That is all I ask telling me is not a dificult task. Why?

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