natural disaster

January 31, 2010
LOVE,love is a natural disaster. falling for you was my mistake.
Likeing as you as much as I do has a word...LOVE, My heart is like a play toy to you.
Giving you the power to break me was my careless mistake. Remember when you asked me if I had 5 hearts?
My mistake was that i didnt tell you sooner that if I did you'd break them all. loveing you isn't my mistake telling you how much I love you is my mistake. Vulnerability,is a natural disaster.letting you know how vulnerable I am around you was my mistake.Falling in love is a natural disaster ,falling in love with you was my mistake. having a heart is a natural disaster,letting you break mine was my mistake. I've chosen the life I wanted at a young age letting you be a part of that was my mistake. letting you go was my mistake and heart ache is a natural disaster.

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