" Dear, Brother"

January 31, 2010
By kimkismet09 SILVER, Edwardsville, Illinois
kimkismet09 SILVER, Edwardsville, Illinois
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Walking alone, lost in the beauty of the winter midnight sky
The stars are so striking, the moon so iridescent that it brings tears to my hollowed eyes
The whispering wind sings softly, making the flawless angels cry
Tonight is the perfect night it serenades, the perfect night to die
Innocent and shimmering snow trickles from above
The flakes taste of sparkling vanilla ice and I scream to the sky my love
The echoes of my sorrowful screams shatter glaciers and silence the tears of broken ghosts
Then you appeared in such despair, and it became you that I wanted most
Your eyes, my brother, were just as lifeless as mine
Staring into their emptiness, it was only your suffering I could find
I offered a frozen and blood stained hand, hoping you’d follow me to a false and hopeless heaven
My shallow and painful breathing ceased when you turned away as the clock struck eleven
You told me you were helpless and just to leave you be
I told you that I loved you and that you meant everything to me
You looked at me with doubtful eyes and shook off the flawless powder from your shoulder
You told me it was poison and that in just moments ill feel colder
I felt my pulse slip away and my veins spinning and spilling purple blood
I felt myself choking on this enthralling glistening flood
You kissed my dying hand and told me “there will be no other”
With my one last shaking breath I whispered “I loved you, my dear brother”

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