"Winter's Wrath"

January 31, 2010
By kimkismet09 SILVER, Edwardsville, Illinois
kimkismet09 SILVER, Edwardsville, Illinois
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The nefarious clouds are spiraling overhead
A violent, wretched storm is brewing
The starving sky screams our names
It is so beautiful. Like the forming of a fresh bruise on pallid, iridescent skin
Heaven’s enthralling angels since enamoring ballads of melancholy
Their lullaby forces your delicate and lovely eyes shut
I grab your lifeless hand and whisper to you, with my fading breath, my love.
The echoing chorus flows into my dusty veins, and meanders through my decaying body
You look so breathtaking, lying, helpless, on the frozen ground
The wintry wind caresses my shivering skin.
I swallow the warmth of its passion, and lean over your peaceful body
I part your sweet and tempting mouth and breathe the warmth into your perished body
Colorful leaves are dancing with such social grace around us.
I steal their captivating hues so I can paint you a portrait of my scarred and lonely soul
Livid purple lightening strikes this abandoned meadow and this fiery field becomes my canvas.
I crawl through the flames and find you, pulse less, and cry my venomous tears
I’d do anything to save you
In my desperation, I take the sword of pride and carve out my soul
I feed it to you in such haste
I feel death pulling at the edges of my mind, I’m slipping away
You awake in such enrapturing beauty and my weakened heart is stopped from such a view
The shrieking cries of tortured ghosts drown out the sounds of violent thunder
And I cry as I realize I won’t have a fairytale death.

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